Lounge on your private deck and gaze on it like a painting: Swipes of turquoise, azure, lapis brushed across a canvas of sky and sea. The billow of an ivory sail catching the breeze. Tiny diamonds of light on the pool’s surface.

Descend your stairs into the lagoon and enter the frame, adding bronze skin and rippling water to the picture. Behind you, the interior of the studio, with its crisp white backdrop and pops of aqua, forms its own work of modern art.

Moments to be framed. Bathing in white lightness and chic relaxation. Sweeping vistas from your daybed over water. Peek down into the shallows to see a shimmering school take flight. Raid your Deli-In for midnight snacks of smoked salmon, homemade ice cream and a bar of Snickers. Your very own island of play, surrounded by clear lagoon.

Each Water Studio with Pool can accommodate up to two adults.

Size: 175 sqm

    King bedroom
    Private pool
    Private deck with loungers, daybed and dining table
    Stairs leading from your private deck into the lagoon
    Enclosed bathroom with partially open-air shower
    In-room entertainment system with LED TV, Bose surround sound and international movie selection
    Deli-In brimming with drinks and treats in a full-sized refrigerator
    Thakuru – Maldivian butler service